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4/22/15 We are putting the finishing touches on our new album, Electric. Wil was good enough to record his drums before leaving and the production is sounding terrific to our biased ears. We hope you'll be able to lend some objectivity to this observation soon!

4/17/15  We are grateful and glad to introduce Scott Mehalko as Robbing Mary’s new full time drummer.  A drummer with many years of playing and leading bands, his strong appetite for Robbing Mary’s unique approach to original and cover music has helped him integrate nicely.  We are looking forward to our first gig with Scott on June 12 at the Greenville.

11/20/14 Tracking for a new full length album is nearly complete.  We are very much looking forward to sharing these songs with you and expect a release in 2015.  Many of the tunes have been honed in front of live audiences and a few others are brand new.  

8/10/14  It is with mixed feelings that we grant Wil an indefinite leave of absence to deal with some curveballs that life can throw.  We wish Wil all the best and hope that one day we can reunite, if only to share some libations and laughs. 

11/15/13  Once again, I find this post too long in coming.  Too much to do and not enough time.  Suffice it to say that we remain busy and committed to making the best roots rock music available. 

We’re happy to announce that our expert Hammond B3 and piano player Dave Drotos has moved back to the area after a stint playing in Nashville and has joined the band as a full time member.  His addition will add some awesome musical textures and layers as well as perfect vocal harmonies. 

It was a fun and exciting year for the band – our busiest year yet, playing great venues and festival events.   We are not due to play another show until January of 2014 – In the mean time, we will be getting back in the studio to record a follow up to El Otro Lado.  We are very encouraged with the new material we have written and can’t wait to share with all you good folks.  Hope to see you soon!

1/15/13Hard to believe how fast a year can slip by. A good part of the year was devoted to recovering from various ailments, most of which seem much better. Now healthy, we’re ready to take on 2013. We’ve got stories to tell, and we hope to flush them out with grit and rhythm. Hope to revisit this page more in the near future.

We’ve updated our contacts page with links to some of our favorite Northeast Ohio bands. Caught a relatively new roots rock band called Old Boy at the Beachland releasing their CD, Covered in Sound. Took in the show on a whim, thought it was great, and wondered how many other great roots rock bands we’ve missed through the years. So whenever we’re not playing on a weekend, we’re trying to check out one of these acts or take in a new band. The local scene is pretty damn good, and it needs all who can help it thrive. Having an opportunity to get up close and personal with a great band who visits your club right down the street is as good for us as any large venue event…and a lot less expensive. We encourage all to support live, local and original music in the great Rock and Roll city. Hope to see you soon.

1/19/12 Happy New Year to all. We’re working to set our schedule for 2012 and looking forward to returning to our favorite places. We hope to add a festival or two in the coming weeks. The schedule to date is posted on the SHOWS page. Also updated on the site is the SITES page with a video shot by our friend Tyler Dorsey at Ingenuity Fest and put to a cut from the record, Sweet Reckless You.

We also wish the best to our drummer, Wil who will have a procedure done to mend an ailing shoulder. There will be some recovery time, but Jen’s brother, Stephan, an accomplished percussionist, has agreed to help with our gigs in February and March, and we should see no drop off in groove or performance. We may have to play a few longer jams during the stretch, though. Heal fast Wil.

08/26/11 We're looking forward to playing again at the Barking Spider tonight. We anticipate a good crowd, and hope to see many of you. We'll wrap up festival season with a spot on the main stage at Ingenuity Festival on September 17. We've added some new pictures from the Zoo and the Burning River Festival to the SIGHTS page. Some cool pics and thanks to Kate Hoffmeyer for employing her artistic touch.

And speaking of wrapping up: all the work is done and the duplicators have the mastered tunes and artwork. We will soon make an announcement for the realease date of our first offical full length CD, El Otro Lado.
08/06/11 Another fantasitc evening at the Zoo last night. We were given a new stage and our sound support from Beth and Sweet Spot Audio was top notch. Thanks again to the Zoo organizers and the zoo of people who attended. It was a hot, fun summer night that did not dissapoint.
07/24/11 Festival season arrived with a thunderous clap. Last night at the Burning River Festival there was great music, a great cause, great beer and lousy weather. Thanks to our sound team, the organizers, staff and Lisa Vinciquerra from the Rock Hall for being true pros, delivering great sound and a fun experience during difficult weather conditions. We look forward to a sunny, bright festival next year.
03/30/11 We've emerged from the restless winter to find winter's not really over. But we're bursting at the seams to put the music back to work again. We'll get back to pushing waves on the air April 8th at the Barking Spider. It will be a heavy night at times, becasue of the loss of the iconic owner of the vaunted establishment, Martin. We know however, that music has always kept the place going, and we'll be prepared to bring it. All the best from us to Ms. Juredine, with whom we have much respect and a full faith that she will carry a bright torch. On the studio front, we have refused to compromise in haste. So we have taken the time necessary to completing our recording task. Squeezing creative bursts into the necessary tasks we all must endure, we have taken the time when it was available. Coming to a close, we're overly excited to share the goods with any and all.

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