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After a period of chance meetings and introductions, Robbing Mary formed from the ashes of other bands that had either outlived their time or gone awry.  Roots began to dig deep into the ground sometime in late 2003 & early 2004, original members and longtime Clevelanders Dan Mills (vocals/guitar), Jennifer Vilimonovic (vocals/violin) and Steve Keefe (bass/guitar) poured their hearts and countless hours into scoring a broad array of original material. Not long after, lead guitar player, Rom Cullers was recruited to lend additional vocal, guitar and songwriting depth and cohesion to a growing catalogue of both originals and unique interpretations of some great, but perhaps overlooked covers. With the addition of the experience and professionalism drummer Wil Jones in 2008, Robbing Mary emerged as one of the premier indie/rock/alt-country bands in Northeast Ohio and beyond. The line-up continued to evolve and grow with the full time addition of Dave Drotos in 2013, an expert Hammond B-3 and piano player who played on the band's first LP, El Otro Lado.  In April, 2015, the band welcomed Scott Mehalko as the group’s third full time drummer. With Scott came years of experience playing in and managing some of the top bands for hire in Northeastern Ohio, a killer kit and a continuing evolution of Robbing Mary's sound.

Robbing Mary's shows are powerful, dynamic and memorable, and the band is flexible enough to deliver exceptional performances in shows ranging in length from 30 minutes to 4 hours.   At the outset, choosing a name for the band became a difficult task. How could any one name symbolize the vastly different members and the music that was coming forth? Turns out there was no name like that, so we took the easy way out and drew random names submitted by members out of a frickin' hat. The website domain was available and the name Robbing Mary has been with us since. 

Fueled largely by positive feedback from the Groveland Project, an EP recording available on this site, and some noteworthy gigs and festivals supporting that release, Robbing Mary expanded its recording budget and in October 2011 released a comprehensive full-length studio album, called El Otro Lado. The record was engineered and recorded by Matt Curry and Gavin Murphy at Anteup Audio in Cleveland and produced by Robbing Mary. It was during this time that expert Hammond B-3 ace and multi-instrumentalist, Dave Drotos, a Cleveland native laid the foundation for his eventual inclusion in the band.  

Looking back, it was August, 2009, after years of making obsessively arranged homespun recordings in the basement practice space on Groveland Road in the Heights, Robbing Mary took to the studio and released its first official recording -- an EP suitably named "Groveland." Groveland was also recorded and engineered by Matt Curry at Anteup Audio and mixed by well-known producer, recording artist and guitarist Eric Ambel. Among many others, Ambel's extensive history includes production credits for Steve Earle, The Dukes, Ryan Adams and The Bottle Rockets.  

Both musically and lyrically, the body of Robbing Mary's work is exemplified with wit and aplomb and a little drama. With a new full length album due in 2015, Robbing Mary's creative momentum shows no signs of slowing.  For additional information about Robbing Mary, contact the band at

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